Payment Solutions

Mercantile Bank Payment Solutions provides leading, cutting-edge, cost-effective, time-saving and secure systems for processing and managing electronic payments and collections through the South African banking system. We offer a range of products to suit all businesses, from small companies to large corporate clients. Regardless of the size of your business or the volume of your transactions, we have a solution to suit your specific needs.

We have established a proven track record, built-up over a decade. With a focus on service, security and cost efficiencies, we have assisted clients in certain instances to secure an improvement of up to 35% in unpaid collections.


This service allows you and your business to collect funds owed via the EFT payment stream

  • Easily integrate our collection solutions to minimise human intervention, improve accuracy and boost productivity and management

  • Use our automatic account reconciliation tools for EFT items, generated by our systems against your bank account

  • Select payment periods that suit your needs – including same day or next day collections

  • Process bulk credit card collections through our preferred credit card acquiring service provider.

What is DebiCheck?

DebiCheck is the new debit order that the banks have launched, which will eventually replace NAEDO and AEDO. The key feature of DebiCheck is that the account holder must electronically confirm the debit order request on a once-off basis at the start of a contract before a Debicheck debit order can be processed against their account.

Features and Benefits?

  • DebiCheck debit orders will be given priority when the banks process debit orders against their clients accounts.

  • DebiCheck allows for up to 10 days tracking to improve success rates.

  • The dispute rules for DebiCheck debit orders are much stricter, as the banks have a record of the mandate and the accountholders approval.

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Payment Systems

Our Payment System is a leading, cutting-edge secure collection and payment solution designed to protect your data and limit your risk of fraud. This allows you to send and receive data in a highly secure manner, making salary and creditor payments easier and safer. You can choose the system that suits your needs, from automated hosted internet-based or modular internal software, and we can customise it for your business; minimise human intervention, improve accuracy and boost productivity and management; use our automatic account reconciliation tools for EFT items, generated by our systems against your bank account.

We provide for full data validation prior to data submission to ensure that the account details of your clients are correct before collections or payments are made. This helps reduce unpaid volumes and can also be integrated into the capture software used by your front line staff.

  • Account Verification Services (AVS) verifies the identity of an account holder against an account number, which can verify whether a particular individual or company holds a particular account number

  • Enhance collections and reduces your administrative burden; use the batch-based solution to generate responses directly from other banks, usually within an hour of submission

  • Validate an account holder’s details to match ID numbers or company registration numbers with the account number; check additional information available, such as:

    • Whether the account has been opened for more than three months

    • Active accounts

    • Account opened for debit or credit

The validation service verifies that the bank account and branch code are valid. This process is also known as a CDV check or Check Digit Validation and is a built-in feature of all our standard products

  • Enhance collections and reduce administration burden

  • Integrate the validation to determine the accuracy of account details at first point of capture.

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