Call account

  • Earn an attractive return on your surplus cash, which is readily accessible whenever you need it, with no notice period

  • Minimum investment of R1 000

  • Tiered interest rates

Interest Rate Calculator

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Notice Deposit

  • Earn attractive interest rates on your funds with a variety of maturity periods to suit your needs (32 and 367 days) and avoid early withdrawal penalties

  • Invest a minimum of R100,000 on the 367 day notice deposit and earn attractive interest rates

  • Maximise investment through longer term holding

  • Minimum investment of R1, 000

Interest Rate Calculator


Mercantile Online Invest (MOI)

Maximise fund management with Mercantile Online Invest

Mercantile Online Invest (MOI) enables third party fund administrators to manage clients’ accounts online, quickly, securely and efficiently. It’s ideal for attorneys, accountants, trust administrators, financial intermediaries and Accountable Financially Institutions or their agents. MOI offers a range of transactional banking tools, all aimed at optimising fund management.

Key benefits

  • Transact efficiently online

  • Gain greater control over available funds and investments

  • Earn a solid return for optimal fund management

  • Enjoy efficient and secure third party fund administration

How does it work?

MOI is an Internet-based product delivered through Mercantile Bank’s electronic banking system. It offers seamless and paperless processing of third party funds and offers administrators the following functionality:

  • Request to open MOI accounts in advance or close accounts whenever needed

  • Perform a range of banking transactions online 24/7/365

  • Deposit and invest funds to earn competitive interest rates

  • Make electronic payments

  • Transfer funds to linked accounts

  • Track account transactions and view or print statements whenever required