The Bank signed a partnership agreement with The Hope Factory in December 2012, to be their exclusive banking partner for their Johannesburg programme. The Hope Factory’s Johannesburg programme seeks to replicate the success that the Hope Factory has had in developing entrepreneurs via its primary operation in Port Elizabeth. The Johannesburg offering will primarily focus on existing entrepreneurs, giving them guidance and support to grow their businesses. This has great alignment to Mercantile’s target market of owner-managed businesses. Our contribution will not only be financial in nature, but we will also provide support in terms of guidance from a group of internal content experts. For the Bank, this affords us a great opportunity to support an initiative that not only creates awareness of the Brand and what we do, but also allows us to make a lasting difference to the lives of the people we touch.
A formal legal entity, namely The Mercantile Foundation, was established to manage the investments made on behalf of the Group. Participation is from a cross-section of staff from different levels and areas of the business, to ensure that all areas are fairly represented.

ReDineo is an organization that aims to provide scholarships, tuition, mentorship and leadership skills to promising youth in Johannesburg. The name ReDineo takes its roots from the SeSotho word Dineo (meaning Gift) and the Latin word ReDono (meaning giving back) and this concept is embodied in their slogan, Paying Forward, Giving Back. The ReDineo scholarship programme was founded in May 2009 by a group of like-minded professionals who wanted to give back to their Alma mater. Aware of the challenges of becoming a successful professional and the need for civic leadership, the group approached UJ Metropolitan Academy where, with the guidance and support of the school, ReDineo was launched.The Foundation donated R10, 000 to the organization.
Tsoaranang Community Centre
Tsoaranang Community Centre is a home started by Florinah Padi, a pensioner in the informal settlement of Finetown, about 30 km south of Johannesburg.
She takes care of 12 orphans using her monthly old age pension and some assistance from churches and other private companies.
The home was originally a shack but has since been upgraded into a proper brick structure. The Mercantile Bank Foundation donated R5, 000 to the organisation to assist with basic food and clothes.
Jubilee Community Services
Jubilee Community Services is an organisation that offers assistance to abandoned and orphaned children and the elderly in the Westbury and Maraisburg areas. They provide additional services such as running educational, training and development, youth, counselling workshops, and feeding schemes.
They also assist the unemployed to find jobs and in some cases provide the jobs. The Foundation donated R5, 000 towards this initiative.
CEO SleepOut
We are so proud to have the Mercantile Bank CEO - Karl Kumbier taking part in the first ever CEO SleepOut in South Africa. The campaign was started in Australia 10 years ago and has since gone global. It's a worldwide call to action to end homelessness by asking CEO's, influential business leaders and decision makers to out on the street. The Foundation donated R100,000 towards the initiative which raised over R25 million for Boys and Girls Town South Africa, a dynamic non-profit organisation that focuses on the development and strengthening of youth, families and communities in difficulty. Over R25million was raised from the sleepout.
Baby Moses baby and child sanctuary
The Foundation and employees of Mercantile Bank donated R21,300 and baby clothes and toys to the organisation which is a registered Non Profit organisation. Baby Moses baby and child sanctuary currently cares for 115 abused, neglected, abandoned and orphaned children, based in Gauteng on the West Rand, Bodibe and Modderspruit in the North West Province.
Azuriah Foundation - Back to School Drive

Mercantile Bank Foundation makes a donation annually to Azuriah Foundation. In 2015, 354 pairs of school shoes and stationery packs were purchased for disadvantaged children in the Newclare/ Wesbury area. The audit team went through to the school to hand out the items, including party packs.

Salvation Army - Blanket Drive

The campaign commenced in June running for a period of 6 weeks and employees were asked to donate a blanket. When the campaign ended, 362 blankets were donated by staff and the Mercantile Bank Foundation matched the funds to donate 725 blankets to the Salvation Army. The organisation distributed the blankets to the homeless, destitute and to several other homes under their umbrella. The handover took place on the 18th of July in conjunction with celebrating Nelson Mandela's birthday and contributing to 67 minutes campaign.


Dove's Nest

The Electronic Services team spent the day with the children at Dove's Nest Home in Pretoria. They were hard at work painting and fixing the bedrooms of the home with the assistance of our suppliers who offered to do the tiling and fixing the roof.