Introducing a Point of Sale first in South African banking.
From the leading bank of entrepreneurs, we bring you CASH POSitive. A flexible loan that gives your small business instant access to cash via your Mercantile POS terminal.
Each transaction made through your POS terminal assists in paying back your loan, so the more your clients swipe, the quicker your loan is paid off.
So, Switch to a Mercantile POS terminal. It's user friendly, quick and reliable. It ensures you receive payment into your account on the very same day as the transaction - helping you simplify your book keeping, reduce risk and improve cash flow.
Terms and Conditions apply. View the full terms and conditions here.
The Incredible Story of TESA
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 Lotteries Act

Lotteries Act, 1997 and the National Gambling Act, 2004 make it unlawful for SA residents to participate in foreign lottery tickets and online gambling while in South Africa