Mercantile Bank’s Electronic Banking Services provide leading-edge, cost effective, time saving and secure systems for processing and managing electronic payments and collections through the South African banking system. We offer a range of products to suit all businesses, from small companies to large corporate clients. Regardless of the size of your business or the volume of your transactions, we have a solution to suit your specific needs.
Our Electronic Banking Services division has established a proven track record, built-up over a decade. With a focus on service, security and cost efficiencies, we have assisted clients in certain instances to secure an improvement of up to 35% in unpaid collections. Direct access to the payment system, regulators and BankservAfrica ensures that we are part of, and have an influence over, the ever-changing payments environment. Software development is done in-house which allows our teams to focus on product improvement and innovation. Electronic Banking Services provides solutions to third parties and offers access to the following:
    • Debit Order Collections
    • NAEDO Collections
    • AEDO Collections
    • Electronic Banking Services Payment System
    • Account Verification Services (AVS)
    • Bank Account Validation
Key Features and Benefits
  • Accuracy:  Submit accurate information and details every time you transact, reducing admin burdens and increasing collections
  • Integration:  Achieve full integration with your internal systems to minimise human intervention and associated errors
  • Flexibility:  Choose when to submit collections each month, with flexible solutions to track payments and maximise collections
  • Multi-channel:  Choose web-based information capture and submission or batch file import capabilities
  • Automated:  Take advantage of fully automated solutions, reducing workload, limiting human intervention and keeping you well informed
  • User-friendly:  Use our secure solutions with ease, with client-managed functionality and multiple users
  • Pricing:   Benefit from competitive pricing on our solutions, based on the transaction volumes of your business
  • Tailored solutions:  Let us assist you to improve your collections by minimising the following:
    • Incorrect collection details (account numbers, branch info, etc)
    • Insufficient funds in your businesses debtor’s accounts
    • Inaccurate information regarding the salary date of debtors.
Additional Value Adds
  • Security: Our Electronic Banking systems have been developed with security in mind, so all data is transported securely from your systems to our host systems, utilising the highly secure 3DES encryption standard. We ensure that only authorised users can send data, and we also provide for dual authorisation and several other potential verification measures, should you require these.
  • Disaster Recovery: This solution will give you peace of mind should you suffer from a system crash, communication failure, or even a complete loss of all your data.