All businesses are unique, as are their financial requirements which are influenced by the industry in which they operate. Our Business Managers have extensive knowledge of the market conditions that affect your business and your industry. They can provide you with a financial solution that caters for your specific business needs.  Whichever industry you participate in, we offer solutions informed by a thorough understanding of your business, taking care of your banking requirements and freeing you up to focus on your core operations. We focus on the following industries: 

  • Finance, Business and Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport and Logistics  
  • Wholesale, Retail, Trade and Franchising.



Mercantile Bank, as a niche Business and Commercial bank, has a core focus on banking businesses and their owners. One key segment of the market that is a particular focus within the broader Business Banking segment is Franchising. We have a team dedicated to making inroads in this market and we aim to ensure that Franchise owner’s needs as clients are efficiently met by our offerings.
As a member of FASA, Mercantile is focused on providing best-of-breed products and services to this high growth area of the market. Our value proposition as a single point of contact, high-touch business bank is well suited to the needs of Franchise owners, many of which are new business owners and who benefit from access to our experienced and knowledgeable relationship managers.