Mercantile Bank offers a range of fixed term and fixed rate investments enabling you to lock in secured returns. Make your money work for you and earn higher rates from your longer-term investments. Choose from a range of account options:

Fixed Deposit 
A Fixed Deposit Account enables you to invest your money for a fixed period of time, at a fixed interest rate. Earn interest on your deposit on a monthly basis or upon maturity of the fixed deposit term.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Secured rate:  Earn a fixed, secure and unchanged rate of return for the duration of your specific investment period 
  • Flexible terms:  Choose from a range of time periods and select the timeframe that best meets your needs 
  • Flexible distribution:  Have the interest you earn paid out on the maturity date of the deposit, or paid on a monthly basis into a separate account
  • Minimum investment:  Enjoy all the benefits of a Fixed Deposit Account with a minimum balance of only R1000. 
LisaGrow is a Fixed Deposit Account that enables you to benefit from a higher investment rate, in line with increases in the Prime interest rate (a percentage increase at the Bank’s discretion). With benefits on the upside, your investment rate will never fall below your original rate, even if the Prime rate falls. This allows you to secure a minimum return on your investment and earn bonus returns from any Prime rate increases.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Fixed floor rate:  Earn a fixed rate of interest and lock in your return even if the Prime interest rate falls over time 
  • Prime-linked rate upside:  Benefit from potential interest rate increases (a percentage increase at the Bank’s discretion) should Prime rise but remain protected from any downside swings​
  • Fixed term:  Invest your funds for a 12-month period to enjoy a secure investment with greater earnings potential
  • Minimum investment:  Enjoy all the benefits of a LisaGrow Account with a minimum balance of only R5000.
A PrimeGrow account with Mercantile Bank allows you to reap the full benefits of an increasing interest rate cycle. With an interest rate linked to Prime, you can earn maximum interest over a fixed savings period. 
Key Features and Benefits
  • Prime-linked rate:  Watch your investment grow as the Prime rate rises 
  • Higher return:  Be rewarded with higher interest rates for fixing your savings period 
  • Flexible fixed terms:  Choose the fixed term that suits you best 
  • Minimum savings amount:  Enjoy all the benefits of a PrimeGrow account with a minimum investment of R50 000.

Negotiable Certificates of Deposit (NCD) 
A Negotiable Certificate of Deposit (NCD) is a fixed deposit which is tradable and can be sold in the secondary money markets. It’s ideal if you need to liquidate your investment prior to the maturity date and still earn a good return. 
Key Features and Benefits
  • Variable terms:  Choose an NCD over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months or opt for a longer-term NCD of up to 60 months 
  • Interest distribution:  Earn interest upon maturity or, in the case of long-term NCDs, half-yearly in arrears or at the end of the full term 
  • Bearer document:  If desired, avoid having to wait until maturity and sell your NCD in the secondary market to access funds 
  • Qualifying criteria:  Enquire with your Business Manager whether you have sufficient existing investments with Mercantile Bank to qualify 
  • Fixed interest rate:  Rest assured that you will earn a fixed and secure rate of return on your investment. 
PrimeAccess is a 12-month fixed investment account which enables you to access up to 30% of your funds over three occasions within a 12-month period. This means that you can keep 70% of your savings fixed until maturity but still have access to some funds if and when you need them.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Access:  Access up to 30% of your savings, three times over a 12-month period, if required 
  • Security:  Take comfort in the knowledge that you can earn solid returns on at least 70% of your savings, fixed until maturity 
  • Notice:  Give only 24-hours notice if and when you need to withdraw some funds
  • Interest:  With interest earned on your account directly linked to Prime, stand to gain if the Prime rate rises and earn interest rates in line with 12 month deposit rates
  • Minimum investment:  Enjoy all the benefits of a PrimeAccess Account with a minimum investment of R100 000. ​