Mercantile Bank’s Business Internet banking system, called BANK@bility™, offers you 24-hour access to view, monitor and manage your Mercantile Bank accounts. This online system is secure, user-friendly and technologically advanced. Its functionality caters for your business banking needs. It’s also quick, convenient and because it is web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 
Key Features and Benefits 
  • Convenience:  Enjoy access to a single interface that will facilitate all your electronic transactions and can be accessed from anywhere in the world at anytime
  • Security:  Rely on our security features to make your online banking safe, such as our two factor authentication solution, DIGIPASS™.  Monitor all of your banking transactions and use a full audit trail to track every transaction by all users on the system, called Audit trail
  • Secure messaging:  Forward confidential financial information to our operations area via secure messaging
  • Control:  Manage user access, functionality and enable dual authorisation to ensure security checks and internal controls
  • Multiple users:  Determine how many internal users within your business need to use BANK@bility™ to conduct your business banking 
  • Integration:  Ease of integration with 3rd party salary packages for easy payments to wages and salary accounts
  • Access:  Enjoy access to multiple Mercantile Bank accounts at a glance
  • Transactability 
    • Inter-account transfers:  Transfer funds between your Mercantile Bank accounts anywhere, anytime 
    • Payments:  Process large transaction volumes, access a full payment history and create or manage recurring or future-dated payments 
    • Group payments:  Pay up to 20 beneficiaries in one group at once and use the same group on a regular basis as required
    • Immediate payment:  Use the straight through process (STP) option for real time processing of payments to beneficiaries
    • Batch payments:  Import files containing bulk payment information, such as  creditor, salary or wage batch payment:
  • Beneficiary management
    • Beneficiary maintenance:  Create, import, maintain and manage your beneficiaries and provide them with proof of payment via SMS, fax or email 
    • Grouping of beneficiaries:  Group beneficiaries for ease of payment, with a maximum of 20 beneficiaries per group
    • Validate beneficiaries:  Validate beneficiary account numbers and branch codes for peace of mind


Minimum requirements

To run BANK@bility you will require:

• Internet access
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6,7 or 8 or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox