​Mercantile Bank understands your requirements when it comes to operational efficiencies and expansion opportunities. We offer a range of financing options for all your motor vehicle, fleet and capital equipment needs at competitive rates. Enjoy flexible and affordable asset finance facilities, including lease and instalment finance, customised according to your needs.  

Save costs and avoid depreciation of assets by using a leasing facility to lease movable and durable goods.  This financial service enables you to select items you require for your business operations which are then purchased by Mercantile Bank and used by you for an agreed period. You pay cost-related rentals and Mercantile Bank retains ownership of the goods for the duration of the lease. When the lease expires, you have various options available to you:
  • Purchase the leased asset from Mercantile Bank 
  • Sell or trade in the asset on behalf of Mercantile Bank 
  • Extend your lease of the asset for a longer period.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Flexible terms:  Structure the deposit and the repayment period to suit your business needs 
  • Flexible interest rates:  Link your interest charges to the Prime lending rate or fix interest rates for a specified period
  • Insurance:  Insure all goods comprehensively and take advantage of competitively-priced rates from our insurance partner. 
Instalment Finance 
To meet your flexible finance needs, Mercantile Bank offers Instalment Finance, which enables you to pay affordable instalments for moveable and durable goods that your business requires. Mercantile Bank purchases these goods and sells them to you on agreed terms. In addition to finance charges, you repay the full amount in instalments over an agreed period. Ownership of the goods lies with Mercantile Bank until all payments are made, whereafter ownership automatically transfers to you.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Flexible terms:  Structure a repayment period and a deposit that best suits your business needs and your cash flow 
  • Flexible interest rates:  Link your interest charges to the Prime lending rate for a fixed or specified period 
  • Insurance:  Insure all goods comprehensively and take advantage of competitively-priced rates from our insurance partner
  • Ownership:  Take full ownership of the goods once you make the last repayment.
Rental Finance
Mercantile Rental Finance offers you attractive rental products for a range of asset classes. These include office automation, telecommunication products, security surveillance, medical equipment, construction equipment and computer equipment. Discuss your requirements with us and let us find your ideal solution.
Key Features and Benefits
  • Save working capital:  Preserve your working capital without needing a large cash outlay for key assets and focus rather on your core business ​
  • Return on net assets:  Enhance your balance sheet and income statement with a better return on net assets
  • Obsolescence hedge:  Manage the life cycle of your business assets through cost-effective rental finance
  • Flexibility:  Enjoy flexible finance terms and structure repayments according to your business needs 
  • Profitability:  Reduce your debt exposure and enjoy tax advantages, using off balance sheet financing to enhance your business profits.